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Funny Animals

26 April 2016

Animal Cruelty In Relation To Violent Crimes

In the first section, literature is presented that outlines possible abusive family contextual factors associated with childhood animal cruelty and adult violence. The literature addresses the impact of an abusive family context on childhood animal cruelty and adult violence. Such discussion focuses on the acknowledgment of an abusive family context in the assessment and intervention of childhood animal cruelty.

RELEVANCE: There is a link between animal cruelty and domestic violence and other serious crimes. Extensive research has been done regarding the relationship between animal cruelty and adult aggressive criminal behavior. Such discussion focuses on the acknowledgment of an abusive family context in the assessment and intervention of childhood animal cruelty. Therefore, effective animal cruelty legislation can allow the justice system to intervene early in people who might go on to other serious crimes.

Studies of prison inmates reveal that as many as 75% of violent offenders had early records of animal cruelty. 30% of convicted child molesters and 48% of convicted rapists admitted animal cruelty in their childhood. However, only a little over one-third of the animal cruelty group had antisocial personality disorder. It is interesting how much outrage surrounds these dog fighting allegations, while other forms of animal cruelty go unnoticed and even supported. In fact, Cannibal Holocaust was only one film in a collective of similarly themed movies (cannibal films) that featured un-staged animal cruelty. Video are shown daily on the famous, you tube showing cruelty as humorous and entertaining. Just what budding sociopaths need; endorsement for animal cruelty.

Much of the problem lies with the definition of animal cruelty. The term animal cruelty is used to encompass a range of behaviors harmful to animals, from unintentional neglect to intentional abuse. Torturing, maiming, or killing animals is animal cruelty. Chaining or tethering an outside dog for extended periods of time is one of the most common forms of animal cruelty. Acts of violence or neglect perpetrated against animals are considered animal cruelty. Be aware that failing to provide needed veterinary care to your pet can be considered Animal Cruelty. Animal cruelty can be considered not getting pet care when it is required.

But remember that animal cruelty is a dangerous secret to keep. Those convicted of animal cruelty may face fines, imprisonment, or both. Washington state, meanwhile, is considering requiring those convicted of animal cruelty to submit DNA to a state database. The bureau said a heavier penalty is necessary in view of the recent animal cruelty cases and public concerns about animal abuse. Congress is also considering a few animal cruelty bills, including a measure to require federal tracking of animal cruelty cases. This is all leading to making animal cruelty a more serious offensive and more harsh punishments will get.

If you witness or suspect animal cruelty, you should contact animal control immediately. Something as serious as animal cruelty, however, should not be handled alone. A person reporting animal cruelty need not be concerned with confidentiality. If you are afraid of retaliation, remember that reporting animal cruelty can be done anonymously. Reporting Cruelty A person reporting animal cruelty should ask for the name of the animal control officer and ask what action is planned.

Just one dog freed from this life of despair is a victory in the battle against animal cruelty everywhere. Innocent exploration may come of simple curiosity, but calculated animal cruelty is motivated by a desire to harm. Research shows strong links between animal cruelty and interpersonal violence. That's why The Linkage Project is working to increase community awareness of the strong link between animal cruelty and human violence.

Animal welfare organizations across the country work daily to educate people about the proper care of animals and how to prevent animal cruelty. Every individual effort is a step towards the annihilation of animal cruelty. 
So do your part and stop animal cruelty, you have a voice let it be heard.

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