Funny Animals

Funny Animals

04 April 2016

Taking Those Funny Pictures

Pictures of people just standing around because they know they’re going to have their picture taken aren’t usually that funny. It’s much better to pose the people that you’re working with if you’re looking for that amusing shot and you can generally do that by directing the person to the shot.

For head shots, there are generally two acceptable methods. The first is to direct the person to give a frontal portrait or you can shoot at an angle to the subjects face. Either of these methods works well especially if you can pose the person in a funny or amusing way that looks natural. That’s always the more creative part of a shot of this type and it generally requires a fair amount of cooperation between the subject and the photographer. 
Of course, the photograph can also be considered amusing if the shot is obviously staged as well.

There are several kind of acceptable close-ups to choose from, and these include the tight head shot, the lose head shot, a waist up portrait, the three quarter length portrait and the full portrait. As you move closer or further away you change the framing or the subject and if the amusing aspect of the picture depends on something else in the shot, its better as a photographer if you stand back to include the background as well.

When you are looking to capture those funny pictures, there are a lot to be said for the use of props as well. For example, it is generally much easier to get someone to do something funny when you give them something to work with, and children are always apt to be more adorable and amusing when they have got a prop to play with. The prop that you use is generally your choice, but it can be a toy when you are working with small children, something that you bring specifically to the session, or something that is available on location.

There are other elements the photographer should be aware of too that can add to the overall effect of any picture and one of the more powerful ones is the subjects environment. By showing the subject in their environment, the chances are higher that you can catch them doing something funny since they are in their element. Of course there are large group shots that you can arrange as well and we all remember that one class shot where the one of our classmates had to stick his tongue out at the camera in grade school.

So group shots are another way to get that funny shot. Here it is even more possible to get something spontaneous at an event like a wedding or birthday party if you have your camera at the ready. Funny pictures can be either staged or spontaneous you can either pose your subjects or wait for them to do something spontaneous on their own but either way you need to have a good eye for what is amusing to know when the time is right.

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