Funny Animals

Funny Animals

22 November 2015

21 funny pictures Scottish Hairy Cows

Scottish Hairy Cows

Scottish highland cows they know everything. They is terrible horns and long hair on the eyes, shaggy coat and a large, powerful body.

Funny, shaggy bangs cows - important role. In winter, it serves to protect them from chilly winds, rain and snow. In summer, it blocks the path of flying insects - disease vectors.

Unlike the rest of their relatives, the Scottish cow wearing a wool of two layers. From above, the animal is covered a wool longer than 30cm. Its surface is abundantly greased, so rain and snow cow overweening, but an inner soft and warm undercoat retains heat. If the summer is too hot and dry, cows to adapt to change and shed their furry wool from above. Later, when the return of cold and dampness, fur re-grows.

Scottish highland cows have become popular throughout the world.

They graze in the northern areas such as Alaska and Scandinavia, as well as in the Andes, at an altitude of 3000 meters above sea level. However, these cows is perfectly life in warmer areas.

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