Funny Animals

Funny Animals

02 December 2015

18 fotos Chinese Silk Chickens

Chinese Silk Chickens!!!

Chinese silk chickens - decorative ancient breed originating from the picturesque corners of Asia. About them in the XIII century, the first in his notes written by the famous explorer Marco Polo. Since then, they are an integral part of the household.

The main features of the breed.

Chinese chickens have brown and blue skinned, blue-black muscle mass and black bones. In this regard they are called "wu gu ji" (chicken with a raven bones).

Feathers silk chickens have no hooks, so not linked to each other. Appearance bird resembles a soft wool or fur animals.

Chinese chicken breed has a distinctive feature - five separated tail toes.

At the head of hens located beard, sideburns and tuft.

Plumage silk chickens is predominantly white, black, yellow and blue shades.

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