Funny Animals

Funny Animals

20 April 2016

Call Squirrel removal Atlanta for complete eradication of the menace

If you are hearing scratching sound in the attic or anywhere in the walls of your Atlanta house then call the squirrel removal Atlanta experts. They have infrared cameras and other sophisticated equipments that will tell them about the presence of squirrel or other creatures. If squirrel are spotted they will be able to remove them from the entire area of your house and also make sure that they do not invade your abode of peace again. However, That is why the personnel working in squirrel removal Atlanta services are well aware of the behavior and other aspects of different types of squirrel.

There are two varieties of squirrel – eastern gray squirrel and flying squirrel. The flying squirrel is the most annoying of the lot. They are very acrobatic and can glide across supply lines and drop into your attic through chimney. They can also hang from trees and jump onto the roofs and then into your house. They are also most difficult to root out entirely since they are smaller in size and get into every conceivable crack and crevice. They can also see at night, and eat nuts, fruits, insects etc. So in Atlanta if you have forest near your house then you should be aware of them.

However, the other variety, eastern gray squirrel, is no less a menace. They are slightly bigger in size and are able to invade your household on ground. They nest in cavities made in old trees and generally do not move beyond 200 yards from there. However, they can climb on every type of building material such as asphalt, brick etc. They can also dig holes and make existing holes bigger for intruding into your house. 
Whatever is the variety, if they have found shelter in your house they will multiply fast and spread to different areas of the household. A bevy of male squirrel can follow a single female squirrel and thus populate your household.


They can chew up the electric line and cause a house fire, cause leakage in water lines, dig up mud and destroy your garden completely, create holes in the building structures and destabilize the structure. Sometimes the little ones get trapped inside cracks, die there and spread diseases even their droppings can also spread diseases. You have to remove them completely in order to save your household. If a few of them are left behind you are going to face the same problem over and over again.

The removal

However, while employing squirrel removal Atlanta you should remember that they have just stayed inside your house, and have no intention of making it a permanent nesting place. These services remove the squirrel in humane ways such as by trapping. They can be trapped inside cages and transported to far off places so that they do not come back. However, the flying variety is more difficult to trap than the other one. Once they are removed completely the squirrel services spread repellant powders around your property. This prevents the creatures from straying inside your property again.

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