Funny Animals

Funny Animals

16 April 2016

Any Ideas Why My Dog Won’t Eat Dog Food?

Dogs bring joy to their owners. They are smart and loyal animals. One thing that you want to do is to keep your dog healthy. This is the main reason that you are frustrated when the dog won’t eat dog food. Indeed, dogs that refuse to eat their food bring a huge problem to the owner that rarely knows what to do. The common approach that the dog is waiting for a bacon treat is not really the case here. You might believe that this is it, but you are wrong. So why won’t your dog eat dog food?

Take a look at what you are feeding the dog. Is it meat? Dogs like meat. Keep in mind that in the past dogs were using their sharp teeth to eat small animals. Indeed, the main portion of the food dogs used to eat was meat. They hunted small animals like rabbits, used their teeth to cut their flash and ate them. So try to feed your dog meat. Any kind of meat is right for the dog. Humans tend to consume chicken and pork, but dogs can eat any kind of meat as it is their favorite treat.

Dog food is designed for dogs. However, most of the times it doesn’t actually contain meat. It contains a small portion of processed meat and some vitamins. The outcome is a dog food dogs can eat, but it is certainly not the ideal food. Check the amount of meat that the dog food you usually buy contains. You have probably never thought of that, but it’s true and logic. If it was real meat or one hundred percent meat, you would pay a fortune to feed the dog.

Another problem with the dog food could be grains. Grains are perfect for humans, but dogs don’t like eating grains and their digestive system doesn’t respond well to it either. So if your dog won’t eat dog food, one thing to do is to make sure it doesn’t contain grains.

Something else you should think about is whether you are occasionally getting into the habit of feeding the dog treats. Dogs need a stable environment. This means that your behavior should also be stable. If you occasionally feed the dog bacon or turkey, it is unlikely that it will eat something not that tasteful waiting for the treat.

Based on this last thing, you should also consider having a stable time schedule. Being consistent can take you a long way. Keep the dog food at the same levels and don’t change it often. Feed the dog at the same time everyday and things will run smoother. You can try feeding the dog after its morning walk. This is the best hour to start your new time schedule as it is probably hungry. Keep in mind that the best dog food contains meat and some portion of vegetables.

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