Funny Animals

Funny Animals

03 May 2016

Alpacas is funny animals, but they very benefit!

Alpacas are beautiful animals that have caused consumers the world over to fall in love at first sight. Your animals will attract a crowd of people who will first want to simply look, but as time goes on they’ll ask what exactly these animals are used for. The answer is simple, and you can tell them so. It’s all about the alpaca fibre.

Alpaca Fibres

Alpaca fibre is semi hollow and carries incredible natural properties that any outdoorsman will brag to you about. These fibres are far lighter, thanks to air being trapped inside, and much warmer to wear than having to live with solid core fabric. Many companies have spent a lot of money on trying to develop a synthetic alternative, but as of this writing, original and natural alpaca fibre is the way to go.

Those same alpaca fibres make up alpaca rugs, which is why they have that feel of fineness that is far better than any synthetic imitation will ever approach. And, while many other fabrics promote killing the animals from which their stuff is procured, alpaca fibres are sustainable, which means no animals are harmed when making alpaca rugs.

Staying Dry: Moisture Wicking

There is no end to the number of outdoor shops promoting their moisture wicking products, but what are they talking about? It’s an answer simple enough to answer, but to do so you’ll need to realize the vast difference between moisture absorbing products and wicking. Think first of a sponge. A sponge will absorb moisture until it can take no more.

Wicking is a separate concept entirely. What’s interesting is that alpaca fibres will actually carry moisture from the source until it ends up on the outside of the fabric, where it can evaporate in due time. Wool and cotton are more like the sponge, which is why your feet will sweat more in wool socks. Alpaca fibres provide the wicking property, which will result in much more warmth and more comfort than any wool or cotton.

Friendly To Sensitive Skin

One of the main concerns of those with allergies is the lanolin present in most fabrics. All alpaca products, including alpaca rugs, are lanolin free and there are no chemicals used whatsoever, which helps alpaca rugs feel soft, with no allergic problems even for those with sensitive skin, thanks in no small part to the much smaller scale size in alpaca rugs when compared to wool.

You can see this for yourself easily enough. Use a microscope to look first at alpaca fibre, and then at wool. There’s an obvious difference: the alpaca fibres are far smoother than the wool, whose scales are clearly visible. The lower scales of the alpaca fibres creates a smooth feel rather than the legendary scratchiness of most wool products.

Investments are paramount when it comes to alpaca breeders. These animals, particularly the healthiest ones, are in extremely high demand, which has caused farmers to attempt to create selective breeding programs to bear only the highest quality properties in alpacas, which should maintain the standard established over 5000 years ago for North American alpaca fibre, just as it has all over the world.

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