Funny Animals

Funny Animals

05 June 2015

10 Pics of charming chameleon kids... very cute and nice !!!!!!

Amazing Chameleons!!!

Most species have a body length of 30 cm, the largest reaching 50-60 cm, the smallest - 5-3 cm. The head with markedly elevated occipital region. Often decorated with more or less prominent ridges, elongated, pointy horns. 

The legs are long, originally adapted to climbing. The fingers have the form "claws" that can firmly grasp the branches of a tree. The tail is thick at the base, tapering to an end, he can wrap around branches. This ability to have a majority of members of the family with the exception of a relatively small number of species with a short tail. 

Chameleons have unusual visual organs. Eyelids fused, constantly covering the eye, but with an opening for the pupil. Movement of the left and right eyes can be implemented inconsistently, which is important for catching insects, but before the attack, chameleon turns both eyes on the prey. Chameleons have all-round visibility.

During the hunt, chameleons, usually for a long time sitting on the tree branches. The body of the animal at the same time remains motionless, his eyes are constantly moving (but sometimes chameleon slowly wait for their prey). 

Chameleons have language with sucker on the end. When he produces language that  comes out and with a return to the original position - that takes less than half a second. For three seconds chameleon can recognize and catch up to four  insects. 

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